Qualified Managers

In a fast-growing industry, there are always dedicated professionals as well as opportunists. We connect you with the first type of managers and help you avoid the costly mistakes caused by dealing with the others.

We look for Body Corporate Management companies who share our values of integrity and forward-thinking.

We assess companies on 5 key qualities:


Experience & Qualifications

body corporate management is a specialized field and requires the right set of skills, expertise and qualifications.


People & Service

a dedicated professional knows that timely communication and prompt response are fundamental to effective management.


Integrity & Values

buildings often accumulate substantial maintenance funds and involve sizeable annual spending budgets, trust and integrity are vital.


Systems & Processes

strata-title inherently involves multiple owners and generate high volumes of transactions, having the proper software and processes are integral.


Knowledge & Training

the rules and regulations governing Owners Corporations in Victoria are complex and ever evolving, reputable body corporate companies undertake continuous professional development and training programs.