New Property Developments – ‘To Strata or Not to Strata?’

New Property Developments

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions of late from property developers asking about ‘how to set-up an owners corporation’, so here’s a helpful checklist.

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  • An Owners Corporation (formerly known as Body Corporate) is created when a piece of land (Torrens Title) is sub-divided into 2 or more Strata Title lots;
  • The Owners Corporation is established/created upon the registration of the Plan of Subdivision with Land Victoria;
  • The Owners Corporation is a legal entity in its own right – it can therefore open and operate a bank account, enter into contract etc.;
  • The Owners Corporation, as the legal entity, is the owner of the land and responsible for the upkeep of common property;
  • It’s important for smaller sub-divisions (where there is a professional manager in place) to ensure the building insurance is appropriate and adequate;
  • Most of the time this means a Residential Strata Policy is needed to cover, at minimum, the replacement cost and public liability;
  • It’s ultimately the choice of the Owners / Developer as to whether to employ/engage a professional manager for a two-lot subdivision.



Consumer Affairs Victoria – Legal exemptions for owners corporation with two lots:


Property Observer – “Why a strata subdivision is better than a Torrens title subdivision for some developments”


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