No. Our job is to present with all the facts that you and your Committee can make an informed choice.

Our independence and impartiality are an integral part of our service.

There are over 400 registered Owners Corporation Managers in metro Melbourne and put simply not all Managers are created equal.

As industry insiders and strata experts we take the guesswork out of finding a Quality, Professional and Service-driven Manager. We do this by assessing Body Corporate management companies on 5 key metrics of:

  • Experience & Qualifications
  • People & Service
  • Integrity & Values
  • Systems & Processes
  • Knowledge & Training

Find out more about the key criteria and metrics here.

We are very selective when it comes to choosing the managers that we work with as at the end of the day their reputation reflects our reputation.


No. Strata Consultants Australia is a fully independent company. Our independence is important as it enables us to act in the best interest of our clients.


No. Strata Consultants Australia is a specialist strata consulting firm.

We are committed to helping our clients solve their strata management problems. We work with strata Owners and Committees when they’re unhappy with their current Body Corporate Manager and need help finding a new Manager. We take the guesswork out of navigating a field of numerous Body Corporate Managers by working only with Qualified and Approved Managers.

Our independence and impartiality is crucial to us in servicing the needs of our clients and as such we do not undertake the management of Bodies Corporate / Owners Corporations.

We’re an independent consultant/adviser to Body Corporates and Owners Corporations.

Our service is at no cost to the Owners and Committees if the Committee appoints a Qualified & Approved Manager. Our costs are covered by the successful Qualified and Approved Manager.

The fee we are paid is a once-off fixed fee and is exactly the same regardless of which Manager you appoint thereby allowing us to act in your best interests.

Disbursements may include charges and expenses for such things as travel costs, printing, postage, venue hire for a General Meeting, and fees for out of pocket expenses at their cost to us.

Printing is charged at $0.25 per page and other items charged at cost.