Developers & New Developments

We Solve Your Strata Problems so You Can Focus on Developing Your Property.
We do this by taking care of all your strata needs during property development and through to completion.


Maximise your benefits by engaging us right from the start.


Increase the profitability of your project with our market expertise.


Delayed transition can shave tens of thousands of dollars off your profit.

Why Use Strata Consultants Australia?

You need a strata expert on your team right from the start to maximise profitability and minimise delays.


  We go beyond the call of duty to ensure that your project runs smoothly;

  Our processes are transparent, and our fees are agreed up-front;

  We can connect you with the most professional and service-oriented strata managers for your project;

  We know the industry, the intricacies, and the processes of Strata Management through and through;

  We are Australia’s Strata Management Experts and we care about YOUR results.