Need help finding a new Body Corporate Manager?

We're Melbourne's only independent no cost body corporate broker.

We guide you through the process of changing managers. Engaging a Strata Consultant saves Committees time, money and stress as we make sure that everything is done according to the rules and regulations.

We connect with you Professional, Service-driven Managers and help you avoid the costly mistakes of dealing with the others. Our service is at No Cost to you as the new strata management company covers our costs.

Download our How to Change Body Corporate Manager booklet to share with your building's strata Committee

Change once, do it right

Changing your body corporate manager involves many considerations. There’s the legal framework, contractual obligations with the current strata management firm and then there is the onus to find a new Manager – one who won’t cause the same problems as the last one.

A Strata Consultant will guide you step-by-step through the entire transition process and is there to answer all your questions.

Engaging a Strata Consultant

Strata Expert

Puts an expert on your side to ensure everything is done in accordance with the law

Qualified Managers

Gives you access to a panel of Qualified & Approved Managers

No Cost Transition Service

Is at No Cost to the Owners and Committees as our costs are covered by the new Manager

Independent Advisor

Is impartial and independent

An opportunity to find the right Manager

At Strata Consultants Australia we know that a truly professional, service-driven Owners Corporation Manager (formerly Body Corporate Manager) is crucial to maintaining and enhancing the value of your building.

Strata Consultants Australia is an independent and specialist consultant for Committees and Owners in Melbourne. We know the strata industry and we work closely with Owners Corporations in Victoria. We act as a trusted advisor to Strata-Titled buildings and we help Committees and Owners to save time and money when they're looking to change to a new Owners Corporation Manager..

Owners Corporation Managers look after one of your biggest assets and appointing a new Manager presents a great opportunity to find the right manager.

What to look for in a Manager

In Victoria there are over 500 registered Owners Corporation Management companies. It is a fast-growing industry and there are always going to be dedicated professionals as well as opportunists.

We connect you with the first type of managers and help you avoid the costly mistakes caused by dealing with the others.

What to Look for in your Next Manager

We Help You Change to a New & Better Manager

Ideally, the best time to choose the right Owners Corporation Management company was when the title was set up – but if you’re having problems with your Owners Corporation Manager (formerly Body Corporate Manager) choosing carefully now will save you time, money, and problems in the future.

5 steps to a new manager
Davin Lin

No Cost Broker Service Makes It Easy for Strata Committees

"We had a number of issues with our current body corporate manager around service, timely response to maintenance issues - and costs.

We contacted David Lin of Strata Consultants and they advised us on the current situation and helped the Owners Corporation to transition to a new manager.

They made the change process easy and best of all their costs were covered by the new manager."

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